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The Model Code from The Global Foreign Exchange Committee:


The Management Board of the Financial Markets Association recommends following “Kodeks Wzorcowy” which is a faithful translation of “The Model Code”.

Qualification raised by the Professionalism Commission with regard to The Model Code:


Kodeks Wzorcowy (Międzynarodowy Kodeks Postępowania i Praktyki Rynków Finansowych) is a translation from English of The Model Code (The International Code of Conduct and Practice for the Financial Markets).


The ownership right to the translation is held by the Polish Financial Markets Association ACI Polska. The Model Code is meant solely for educational and reference purposes.


The  ACI Professionalism Commission is not responsible for the quality of the translation and in the event of any discrepancies, the English version of the Code shall prevail. Any arbitrage, expert’s decisions or dispute settlements should refer solely to The Model Code.


Presented below is a short excerpt from the Code:


Consent to Translation Ownership:
ACI The Financial Markets Association is the owner of the original, English version of the Model Code while the translated versions are the ownership of local ACI associations or language groups responsible for translation.


Comments to the translation:

1. Local ACI associations or language groups should advise the ACI Committee for Professionalism about the intention to translate the Code and obtain its consent to do so.
2. The translation should be done by Markets practitioners rather than theoreticians so that the translation reflects the Markets reality.
3. The draft translation should verified by practitioners in law, accounting, IT and other fields relevant for the translation so as to ensure the consistency of the translation and mitigate the risk of misinterpretation by way of using relevant terminology which renders the meaning of the original best. As needed, an explanatory note should be provided to clarify the subtle differences between the translation and the original.
4. A disclaimer should be included in the translation to explain that it is only meant for educational and reference purposes and that the Committee for Professionalism will bear no responsibility for the content of the translation and in the event of any inconsistencies and/or discrepancies the English version prevails.
5. The Model Code in English is the official version. Any arbitrage, expert’s decisions or dispute settlements should refer solely to English version.
6. The ownership right to translation is held by the Local ACI Association or the Language Group in charge of translation.
7. Copyrights to the Model Code are held by ACI while translations should always be compliant with the reservations arising from the copyrights.
8. The link to the electronic version of the translation should be available on the ACI’s internet site while the paper copy should be sent to the ACI Committee for Professionalism for archiving.